Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This Little Piggy Went to...

So I have a good, valid excuse for taking so long in posting to my blog. I've had this story ready in my mind but had no time to write it all down. And well, I took a few tumbles down the snow packed mountain while snowboarding and ended up with a neck sprain and mild concussion; yay muscle relaxers! NOT. So please excuse if this posting is not up to par with my previous ones, for I'm still a bit hazy and its hard to concentrate on this computer screen haha

I am the absolute worst when it comes to cooking after a long day at work. Since I decided to make the veggie switch, the hub has been super duper helpful in making dinner more often ( well mostly his meals and part of mine, the man doesn't know how to work with tofu just yet). Its very nice actually, it takes me back to our first year of marriage where we would share the kitchen, and cook together side by side. Before my switch, it was as if we were playing dinner tag; first one home and less tired "is it" -cooks for the day. 

Well my past week of work was a bit on the hectic side. I pretty much worked open to close almost every day and I was working 7 days straight. Not to mention I was hopped up on Aleve (3x day) (patellofemoral syndrome in right knee, overstretched ankle in left leg- I'm all F*@$ed up lol) so I was feeling a bit off towards the end of the days. On this particular day, I pulled into our driveway and saw that the hub was already home doing his thang in the kitchen. I hopped out of the truck (literally I'm only 5'1") and was immediately smacked in the face by a delectable aroma. Whatever the hubby was making in the oven was so delicious the house couldn't contain the smell. I then knew right away that I was going to be making some bad decisions. I mean, Come On SERIOUSLY?! Whatever is making the house smell that amazing that I can smell it from the drive way is going to end up 'in and around my mouth!' 

I went inside my home and sure enough it was RIBS inside the oven. Remember my last post about me craving the ribs and munching down on Jaques and his friends instead? Well just because I scarfed some shrimpies down doesn't mean it curved my craving for some delicious BBQ ribs. It also did not help that I was dead tired and starving. The hub tried to persuade me to eat something else but there was no use; I had already made my decision before I ever knew what he was making. I also tried to avoid my own guilt trip in telling myself "this is your one and last time, take advantage of it". I wish I would've told myself "remember how sick and gross you felt when you ate that steak?!" (from 4 day glutton post) instead. So there we were, on the couch enjoying our dinner. Me, savoring every bite as long as I could. Man let me tell you they were delicious! BUT, so not worth it. My stomach was in such a mess I could not sleep. I felt like at any moment I was gonna end up in my bathroom blowing chunks! Luckily, it did not come to that but boy I was hurting. 

To top it all off, if I wasn't feeling bad enough, my sub conscience decided to play a little trick on me while I was sleeping. I ended up having this ludicrous dream about a young girl and her pet pig. The girl loved her piggy and he loved her back and all the while they were trying to escape the hands of the butcher or farm man who was trying to capture the pig. Twice the pig was captured, on the second time the rescuing took longer and the poor pig was forcefully fed and fattened up to make the the evil mans new pork pies. When I first woke up I didn't connect the dots. After a while or so I put two and two together and realized that I had eaten pig/pork the night before. I said to myself "well played sub conscious, well played." I guess I learned my lesson on indulging in food that I have already tried in my lifetime; I definitely don't want to be having any more piggy, cow, or chicken dreams.

'Til next time, Good Vibes and happy days everyone.


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