Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Beautiful World Awaits

Today we're gonna step away from the veggie adventure, health for the body and take a side step into the health of the spiritual soul and mind.

The other day one of my besties, whom I call my hammy and my spiritual guide (haha), posted about a deep sentiment she was feeling to her IG (instagram). As I read it, it moved me and strengthened my motivation (as she always does) into taking more action in doing the things that I enjoy to do that better myself as a positive and spiritual individual. Things like meditation, watching documentaries, yoga, researching and learning more about our subconscious and the power of energy, to name a 'few'. lol I hope those who read her words will be touched and will be encouraged to start acting on behalf of themselves and maybe even for us all for we are a collective body; one can always better themselves and this earth, our home. 

     "It's been awhile since I've posted about this topic but today the state of the world has weighed heavily on my heart and mind. PLEASE, take a moment to step out of your personal life. Forget about tomorrow's to-do list for a short while and LOOK at YOUR WORLD, as EARTH is ALL of ours to SHARE and our very means of EXPERIENCING life. 

Are you happy or satisfied with what you see? What would you change? VISUALIZE that world. 

Greed has taken a firm hold of our planet. It has robbed LIFE and LOVE of it's TRUEST VALUE. Our society has created a false ideal of success. Partly do to our economy's need to grow by consuming and spending. It has evolved an image that worships the idea that having more THINGS defines ones success and happiness. Life is too often being valued by its monetary worth as a commodity rather than being seen as a priceless gift. This cannot be the correct standard to judge what is so precious. 

So many slave away their lives, only to have more STUFF. As the rat race continues too gain momentum, too many forfeit freedom, love, creativity, and LIFE. This is all done in order to attempt to sustain such living. Sacrificing such INTEGRITY is a high price to pay, and an unnecessary one. Please understand, I am not at all insinuating that having or desiring material things is wrong but more suggesting at what cost will we continue to live this way? 

When will we wakeup to see how so many are suffering because of the lack of love for one another. It does not have to be this way! IMAGINE a world that is FREE from monetary constraints. One that allows people to be driven by creativity and bettering life for everyone and everything. 

So then the greatest question do we change it?

There is no reason to feel hopeless about the world today. It is only our DUTY to REALIZE the current state we live in and make the necessary changes to EMBRACE a NEWWORLD. I BELIEVE a world that VALUES ALL LIFE EXISTS. KNOW that YOU are POWERFUL and you have a VOICE. Express love and integrity in all that you say, think, and do. If there is something you don't agree with, ask yourself what you can do to change it...and then act on it! Let OUR GENERATION bring HOPE and LOVE to the planet! Let us set the foundation for a WORLD living in PEACE and if we are lucky enough, maybe we will witness that day in our lifetime. 

I CHALLENGE YOU to make a difference no matter how great or small. Today, tomorrow, and everyday after. BE CONSCIENCE and AWARE of the individual difference you make to the greater whole. There is a beautiful world waiting to be unveiled ❤ ☺" - Jessica S.

I hope you've enjoyed this post, for I greatly enjoyed sharing it with you. Please, if you have positive feedback for her please, please, please comment below! :D For instant positive boosts on the go, you may follow her on IG - JaySaylors. NO creepers please, she's taken.

Good vibes and happy days everyone.

- Jess

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