The FurBabies


My baby girl. She's a 2 1/2 year old red Siberian Husky. She's my first pup ever and boy does she keep me on my toes. If you were to google info on Sibe's, she fits the bill to the tee! She's ridiculously smart but with that genius her stubbornness is on a whole other level. But her weird antics and unique personality make putting up with her stubborn ways so worth it <3


My bunny bear is a 2 yr old red merle Australian Shepherd. We got him when Sophie was about 6 mo. old. We figured he could keep up with her energy but its actually Sophie who tries to keep up with him. He's a momma's boy in the whole sense of the term. He ran up a 7 ft rocky ledge that I had climbed just to be with me and then dove right off on our way down! Luckily he didn't break anything and was only slightly startled. He's an amazing little guy and a perfect picture of unconditional love. <3


This bandito came to us August 2011. He's about 7 mo old now. He's a siamese tabby cross and the cutest little guy ever! He has a strange affinity for water and every time he hears the water run he's right there in the sink or tub. He absolutely loves his big bro Ares. I can watch those two play for hours, its freaking adorable. He's a testament to the trainability of cats and currently knows about 5 commands. <3

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